Police Officer Gettle receives 15 Years Service Recognition

On Thursday, September 12, 2019, Police Chief Bodenheimer presented Officer Anthony Gettle with his 15 Years of Service recognition plaque.  Officer Anthony Gettle began working for the Lake Alfred Police Department starting on Sept. 1st, 2004.

While working for the police department Officer Gettle also served his country in the United States Army Reserve and the Florida Army National Guard collectively from 1996 through his retirement in 2016.

Officer Gettle has been a valuable member of the Lake Alfred Police Department and is currently assigned as a Police Officer II, our agencies Intoxilyzer Inspector & Breath Test Operator as well as being assigned as a seasoned Field Training Officer.

Officer Gettle is a very personable Officer who has established a wide ranging rapport within our residential & business community and has always made himself available to assist our staff with any assistance requested of him and is currently our agencies most senior ranking Officer in service.

Officer Gettle has been recognized many times for his willingness to go above & beyond in helping citizens in distress weather it is a vehicle lock out, changing a vehicle’s flat tire in the field or giving aid & comfort to those who are in need.

In summing up the impact that Officer Gettle has had in our community in the time he has been here is best put by the remarks of a stranded motorist in their letter of appreciation for him as they noted,

“Officer Gettle went Above & Beyond helping us”, “ESPECIALLY Officer Gettle – (you) made two trips to the tire (store) and we Thank You!”  “We Love Living in Lake Alfred and the Police Department is a Big Reason Why”.

We do appreciate Officer Gettle’s professionalism and dedication to duty that he has shown during his 15 years of service with the Lake Alfred Police Department and look forward to many more years of outstanding service from this veteran Officer.

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