Cynthia Daniels, 10 Years of Service Recognition

10 Years of Service recognition for Cynthia Daniels 10 Years of Service Recognitionf or Cynthia Daniels

On September 26, 2019 Police Chief Bodenheimer presented the 10 Years of Service Recognition award to Cynthia Daniels, Communication Operator in the Lake Alfred Police Department.

Chief Bodenheimer stated Cynthia started her career at the Lake Alfred Police Department on 8/31/2009. During her career, she has become a valuable asset to the Department, constantly trying to find ways to improve the communication center. He stated she is a team player and is willing to take on any project that is asked of her. In 2017 Candy was awarded the Employee of the Third Quarter and Employee of the Year. “With the positive traits that Candy has and with her positive outlook, I am proud to say she is an employee of the Lake Alfred Police Department and the City of Lake Alfred.”  Congratulations on 10 years of service.

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