Cheryl Vice, Employee of the Third Quarter

Employee of the Quarter - Cheryl Vice

On October 21, 2019 the Employee of the Quarter was awarded to Cheryl Vice, Service Worker II in the Parks & Recreation Department.  The award was presented by the Parks & Recreation Director Richard Weed.

“Cheryl came to work for the Parks & Recreation department in March of 2018 after working as a part-time employee for the Public Works Roads & Streets division.  As a part-time employee Cheryl did a great job and so when the opportunity came up, we brought her on the Parks & Rec team full time.

Cheryl has a great work ethic and will always find a way to go above and beyond, a lot of people have noticed this and I am constantly receiving comments on how hard Cheryl works from staff and citizens.

Cheryl comes to work every day with the attitude of getting the job done and never complains. Cheryl pays attention to detail, does the job right the first time and then moves onto the next task at hand. During the boat races Cheryl was a one woman army, constantly moving from picking up litter, to emptying the trash and checking the restrooms and still had time to check the other parks as well.

For this I am proud to say Cheryl works for the Parks and Recreation Dept. and has been a great addition to the City.”

Congratulations Cheryl on the Employee of the Quarter for the 3rd Quarter of 2019.

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