90 Day Permit Fee Waiver

On September 21st the City Commission approved a temporary exemption for permit fees associated with repairs due to Hurricane Irma.


City Manager Leavengood stated a damage assessment was performed by City staff following Hurricane Irma that showed hundreds of residential and commercial structures with varying degrees of damage.  Depending upon the amount of damage a building permit may be required in order to ensure that the work is done in accordance with proper building codes and is being performed by a licensed professional with proper insurance.  Since the permits are needed as a direct result of a natural disaster, staff is recommending that the City Commission consider waiving permit fees associated with these repairs for a period of 90 days with authorization to the City Manager to extend the duration another 30 days if necessary.


The utility late fees have also been waived through the administrative process for this month and no cut-off will be enforced this month.

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