Adam Leatherberry, Employee of the Fourth Quarter

Employee of the Fourth Quarter Adam Leatherberry


On December 2, 2019 the Employee of the Quarter was awarded to Adam Leatherberry, School Resource Police Officer with the Lake Alfred Police Department.  The award was presented by the Police Chief William Bodenheimer.

Officer Adam Leatherberry began his career with the Lake Alfred Police Department on November 2, 2009 and worked here until August 2013 when he was hired with the Winter Haven Police Department.

Officer Leatherberry came back to Lake Alfred Police Department February 16, 2016 and is currently working as an SRO at Hartridge Academy.

In May of 2019 Officer Leatherberry was asked to step up as an acting supervisor in the absence of Sgt. Gillett and also as a progression measure to assist with learning the evidence custodian role for the department with Lt. Dempsey.

Officer Leatherberry stepped into the role and has been a great asset in this position working with and answering questions for other officers.

During this quarter, Officer Leatherberry, has even stepped up his own personal knowledge of law enforcement requirements and began working with officers to educate them on recent law changes involving gun entries, possession and return to qualified individuals. In the process Officer Leatherberry was able to determine at least one individual that was not allowed to have a firearm and kept a gun from being back on the streets.

Officer Leatherberry has made requested changes in his own work and has shown his knowledge and enthusiasm for the job by helping others.

As the Chief of the Lake Alfred Police Department I am glad to have Officer Adam Leatherberry as an employee. I would like to congratulate Officer Leatherberry as the Employee of the Quarter for the City of Lake Alfred.

Congratulations on receiving Employee of the Quarter.

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