Amber Deaton, 15 Years of Service Recognition

15 Years of Service Recognition Amber Deaton 15 Years of Service Recognition Amber Deaton 15 Years of Service Recognition Amber Deaton

On February 3, 2020 City Manager Ryan Leavengood presented the 15 Years of Service Recognition award to Amber Deaton, Finance Director, CPA

City Manager Leavengood stated every now and then he is able to bring recognition to one of his team members.  He considers the City to be not only a team but a family.  With sixty (60) employees at the City, it is different than a City like Lakeland with 1,000.  We work with each other day in and day out. He has had the pleasure of working with Director Amber Deaton for the last eight years.  All departments have their own challenges and their own opportunities. From a management perspective, you have to have the Finances and Public Safety departments locked down.  To have someone like Amber as a Finance Director is a fantastic asset not only to his management team but also to the City.

The strength of Lake Alfred is the employees.  The tenure, the stability, the commitment to the organization and to the community, Amber Deaton represents all of those qualities. She has dedicated herself to continuous improvement.  She always receives stellar evaluations but has never been complacent.  She has continued her education, received her CPA which was not a requirement of the job.  That type of comment to professionalism is rare but much appreciated and it shows in her work product.

For the past decade, the City of Lake Alfred has received the prestigious Budget Award.  The budget he presents to the City is the Executive Budget, Amber takes that budget and puts the additional information needed to make it an award-winning document.  She has also received, for the past decade, the Excellence in Financial Accounting and the preparation of the CAFER.  She works hand in hand with the Auditor to save the City money. Amber wants ownership, she cares about the end product, and she cares about saving the City money.  He has enjoyed his partnership with Amber Deaton, working for the City, we have all benefited from her years of service.

Congratulations on fifteen (15) years of service.

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