Amee Bailey, 5 Years of Service Recognition


5 Years of Service Recognition Amee Bailey-Speck5 Years of Service Recognition Amee Bailey-Speck

On February 17, 2020, City Manager Ryan Leavengood presented the 5 Years of Service Recognition award to Ameé Bailey.

City Manager Leavengood stated this is a rare opportunity for him to recognize one of his management team.  Ameé Bailey came to Lake Alfred to fill the role of City Clerk when the former Clerk moved on to Haines City.  She fulfilled the role of City Clerk for approximately three (3) years when the Community Development Director position became available. Ameé came to Lake Alfred with eight (8) years of experience as a long-range planner with Polk County.  She has a master’s degree in geography with a focus on GIS, which is the information systems.  She was well qualified in that arena and she also remained City Clerk with Mamie Drane assisting.

The Community Development Department is the trendsetter department for the City.  All the development comes through that department first and impacts the other departments.  It is a front line and a point of contact for the citizens. It is a difficult job enforcing the code on a daily basis.  Ameé does a good job balancing everything out.  She handles it all well, she has the temperament and the mindset for the job.  The experience and expertise she brings to the table are exactly what Lake Alfred needs.

The City is looking at economic development and future development within the next five (5) years that will dictate what Lake Alfred looks like for the next ten (10) to twenty (20) years.  This is a very important time for the City to have the full team in place and Ameé is a key member of that team.

Congratulations on five (5) years of service.

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