Anaeli Quinones – 5 Years

Parks and Recreation Director Weed stated for the past three years he has had the pleasure of working with Anaeli as his assistant.  Anaeli is always consistent, she hardly ever calls in sick, does a great job with day to day work, and does an excellent job with the bridal parties. The brides love Anaeli.  She always does what it takes to get the job done, including running summer rec.  As a director, with everything Parks and Rec. have going on and in many of the different stressors we may have, she one thing I’ve never had to worry about.  Anaeli is now on her fifth year with Lake Alfred in the Parks and Rec Department, it wouldn’t be what it is now without her.  Hopefully she will be here for another five, ten or even fifteen years as Parks and Rec grows, because Parks and Rec need great employees like her.

City Manager Leavengood stated he wanted to echo Director Weeds sentiment, Anaeli is a great addition to the City’s Parks and Recreation Department. The City has seen the rental of Mackay book out over a year in advance.  Anaeli is the front person in showing the house and promoting Mackay and she has done a fantastic job and it’s shown with the quality of work in the department.

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