Police and Fire Retirement Board


The Board administers and is responsible for the proper operation of the Police and Fire retirement plan.


Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every quarter at 5:30 p.m. (Calendar)

 Staff Contact

Art Bodenheimer, Chairperson (863) 291-5200

 Board Membership

The Board is made up of five board members. Two of the board members must be legal residents of the City and are appointed by the City Commission; one must a police officer who is participating the retirement plan; one must be a firefighter who is participating in the retirement plan; the fifth member is chosen by the a majority of the previous four members. If you wish to apply, please visit Board and Committees to download an application.


All members must be a resident of the City of Lake Alfred; must be a Police Officer who is in the plan; must be a Firefighter who is in the plan.

Board Members

Member Term Ends
Art Bodenheimer December 31, 2015
Ed Arbuthnot December 31, 2015
Miguel Lopez December 31, 2015
Chris Costine December 31, 2014
Lee Evett December 31, 2014

Agenda and Minutes