Charter Review Committee, Thank You for Your Service

On Monday, February 15, 2021, during the regularly scheduled City Commission Meeting, Mayor Daley presented the Charter Review Committee by calling Ron Schelfo, Herb Nigg, Brenda Arnold, and John Duncan up to the front of the chambers and shared Loretta Vittorio was out of town visiting with her grandchildren.

The Charter Review Committee is appointed every ten years by the City Commission to conduct a comprehensive study of the Lake Alfred City Charter.  The Committee met for five meetings from August through November and shared a total of ten hours together as a group, and countless hours were spent on homework in preparation for the Charter Review Committee meetings. The City Commission sincerely appreciates the dedication and hard work of the Committee and commends them for their work.

Charter Review Committee Recognition Charter Review Committee RecognitionCharter Review Committee Recognition

The 2020 Charter Committee Members were:

  1. Loretta Vittorio
  2. Herb Nigg
  3. Brenda Arnold
  4. Ron Schelfo
  5. John Duncan


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