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1346-14 Animals

1345-14 CIP Element

1344-14 Discovery High School Zoning

1343-14 Final Budget Adjustment

1342-14 Charter Drawing of Lots

1341-14 Write-in Votes

1340-14 Charter Candidacy

1339-14 Personnel Handbook

1338-14 Election Chapter 26

1337-14 Budget Adoption

1336-14 CRA Plan Adoption

1335-14 CRA Agency Creation

1334-14 Cost Recovery

1333-14 International Property Maintenance Code

IPMC 2012 Code

1332-14 Cemetery Regulations

1331-14 Bicycle and Vehicle Regulations

1330-14 Impact Fee Calculation Method



Rules of Procedure Resolution


18-14 Uniform Collection Method

17-14 Charter Transition Clean-up

16-14 Lake Alfred Memorial Trail

Resolution 13-1415-14 QTI Project Fiber

14-14 Wayfinding Signage Program

Resolution 13-1413-14 Highway Maintenance Agreement

12-14 Bad Debt Write-off

11-14 Millage Rate Final Adoption

10-14 Discovery High School

09-14 Proposed Millage and Budget Hearing Date

08-14 Tuition, CDL, and Incentive Pay

07-14 Highway Lighting and Maintenance

06-14 Historical Grant Support

05-14 Updated City Manager Agreement

04-14 Delegation of Authority CRA

03-14 CRA Adoption

02-14 TPO Apportionment Plan

01-14 FMIT Investment




Veterans Day Joint Proclamation

Polk County Week Proclamation

Florida City Government Week

National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Proclamation

Central Florida Regional Planning Council

Florida Water Professionals Month

Polk State College

National Police Week

Civility Month

Community Action

Power Talk 21

Donate Life

Agriculture and Labor Program, Inc.