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The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for maintaining official records, contracts and agreements, and original documents of City.  Many of the official records are complied into “books” such as the Code of Ordinances or Unified Land Development Code.  They may also be adopted as ordinances, resolutions, or proclamations.  The most recent documents are listed below.

Ordinances Resolutions Proclamations


Code of Ordinances


The Code of Ordinances is a compilation of laws adopted by City Commission.  The City maintains these records, and also contracts with Municode to provide a publicly accessible searchable platform.  The Code of Ordinance can be viewed online at Lake Alfred Code of Ordinances.  Ordinances that have not yet been processed to be listed in the Code of Ordinances are listed below.


1361-16 Personnel Handbook Amendment

1360-15 Final Budget Adjustment FY 14

1359-15 Per Diem Ordinance

1358-15 Police and Firefighter Retirement

1357-15 Benefits Policy – WITHDRAWN

1356-15 Chapter 42 Solid Waste

1355-15 2015 2016 Budget Adoption

1354-15 Street Width in Green Swamp

1353-15 Transfer City Property with Eagle Ridge

1352-15 Business Tax Receipt Increase – DENIED

1351-15 Investment of Surplus Funds

1350-15 Motor Vehicle Noise

1349-15 TECO Franchise

1348-15 ULDC Signs

1347-15 ULDC Animals

1346-14 Code of Ordinances Animals

1345-14 CIP Element

1344-14 Discovery High School Zoning

1343-14 Final Budget Adjustment

1342-14 Charter Drawing of Lots

1341-14 Write-in Votes

1340-14 Charter Candidacy

1339-14 Personnel Handbook



Rules of Procedure Resolution

01-15 Employee Incentive Programs

02-15 Uniform Collection – Assessment Roll

03-15 Escheated Lands from Polk Co

04-15 Highway Lighting Maintenance Agreement

05-15 Proposed Millage Rate

06-15 Wayfinding Sign Evaluation and Criteria

07-15 Property Exchange

08-15 City Manager Employment Agreement

09-15 Final Millage Rate

10-15 Bad Debt Write off

11-15 The Lakes II Tract 4A final plat



January – National Mentoring Month

January – National Religious Freedom Day


December – Agricultural and Labor Program, Inc

November – Veterans Day

November – Polk County Family Week

October – Fire Prevention Week

October – Community Planning Month

October – Florida City Government Week

September – Cancer Awareness Month

September – Florida Adult and Family Literacy Month

August – National Water Quality Month

August – Civility Month

July – Parks and Recreation Month

July – ADA 25th Anniversary

June – National Flag Week

June – National Safety Month

May – National Police Week

May – Community Action Month

April – Water Conservation Month

April – National Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month

March – Mayors Day of Rec for National Service






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