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The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for maintaining official records, contracts and agreements, and original documents of City.  Many of the official records are complied into “books” such as the Code of Ordinances or Unified Land Development Code.  Official records may also be adopted as ordinances, resolutions, or proclamations.  The most recent documents are listed below.

Ordinances Resolutions Proclamations CRA Actions


Code of Ordinances

The Code of Ordinances is a compilation of laws adopted by City Commission including the City Charter.  The City maintains these records, and also contracts with Municode to provide a publicly accessible searchable platform for policy related ordinances.  The most recent approved ordinances are listed below.  The complete Code of Ordinance can be viewed online at: Lake Alfred Code of Ordinances


1395-17 Final Budget Adjustment FY 16

1394-17 Solar Power Generation Facilities

1393-17 Airport Zoning Regs

1392-17 Pegg Zoning

1391-17 2017 2018 Budget Adoption     1391-17 Exhibit A

1390-17 Police and Firefighter Retirement – Investment Policy

1389-17 Tracts 4 & 4A Zoning

1388-17 The Lakes Tract 8 Zoning

1387-17 Tract 8 FLU Amend

1386-17 Pharmacies and Medical Marijuana

1381-17 Personnel Handbook Amendment

1378-17 Moratorium Medical Marijuana

1377-16 General Employee Pension

1376-16 Final Budget Adjustment

1372-16 Floodplain Management


1370-16 Police and Fire Retirement

1369-16 Commissioner Compensation

1368-16 Utility Rate Changes

1367-16 Commissioner Compensation-FAILED

1366-16 Parks and Recreation Board

1365-16 Habitat for Humanity Donation

1364-16 Boards and Committees

1363-16 Building Permit Fees

1362-16 Impact Fee prepayment-exemptions

1361-16 Personnel Handbook Amendment

1360-15 Final Budget Adjustment FY 14

1359-15 Per Diem Ordinance

1358-15 Police and Firefighter Retirement

1357-15 Benefits Policy – WITHDRAWN

1356-15 Chapter 42 Solid Waste

1355-15 2015 2016 Budget Adoption

1354-15 Street Width in Green Swamp

1353-15 Transfer City Property with Eagle Ridge

1352-15 Business Tax Receipt Increase – DENIED

1351-15 Investment of Surplus Funds

1350-15 Motor Vehicle Noise

1349-15 TECO Franchise

1348-15 ULDC Signs

1347-15 ULDC Animals


Rules of Procedure Resolution


11-16 Accepting land from Buchanan

10-16 Final Millage Rate Adoption

09-16 Bad Debt Write-off

08-16 LAAMS Support

07-16 City Manager Employment Agreement

06-16 Proposed Millage Rate

05-16 Code Enforcement Assessment Roll

04-16 Historical Grant Application Gardner House

03-16 State Highway Lighting Maintenance

02-16 FDOT Pedestrian Bridge Maintenance Agreement

01-16 FDOT Community Aesthetic Features Agreement

11-15 The Lakes II Tract 4A final plat

10-15 Bad Debt Write off

09-15 Final Millage Rate

08-15 City Manager Employment Agreement

07-15 Property Exchange

06-15 Wayfinding Sign Evaluation and Criteria

05-15 Proposed Millage Rate

04-15 Highway Lighting Maintenance Agreement

03-15 Escheated Lands from Polk Co

02-15 Uniform Collection – Assessment Roll

01-15 Employee Incentive Programs



January – Agriculture and Labor Program (ALPI)


November – Veterans Day  and Polk County Family Week

October – Community Planning Week,  City Government Week, and  Fire Prevention Week

September – Cancer Prevention and Awareness Month

August – Civility Month

July – Parks and Recreation Month

June – Independence Day and Memorial Day

May – Teacher Appreciation

May – National Police Week and National Water Safety Month

April – Power Talk 21 and Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

April – Fl Water Professionals

February – African American History Month

January – National Mentoring Month and  National Religious Freedom Day


CRA Actions

CRA-01-16 CRA Board Bylaws-TABLED

CRA-02-16 Appropriation of remaining funds

CRA-03-16 CRA Budget FY16