Unified Land Development Code

The following articles below are of the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC).  Before starting any type of project on your property, you should consult City Staff for compliance of the land development regulations.  You may contact:

Community Development Department
(863) 291-5748

Table of Contents

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 Regulations for Specific Districts – Zoning

Article 3 Development Design Improvement Standards

Article 4 Sign Regulations

Article 5 Resource Protection Standards

Article 6 Public Facility Monitoring Permitting

Article 7 Development Approval Process

Article 8 Administration and Enforcement

Article 9 Definitions


Adopted Ordinances Not Yet Incorporated

The listing below includes all legislation enacted, but has not yet been codified into the ULDC.

1397-18 Base Building Lines

1393-17 Airport Zoning Regulations

1394-17 Solar Power Generation Facilities

1386-17 Pharmacies and Medical Marijuana