Home Escape Plan

EDITH:  Exit Drills In The Home

To develop a home escape plan:

• Sit down with your family and plan two ways out of every room, especially bedrooms. Make special arrangements for children, older adults, and people with disabilities.

• Have a meeting place already planned and mark it on your plan.

• Check your smoke detectors on the first day of every month.

• Replace your smoke detector batteries once a year.

• Practice the plan twice a year, one time with each of the two ways out.

In case of fire:

• Check doors for heat and smoke before using. Feel the door with the back of your hand. If it is hot, go to the second way out.

• Crawl low under smoke. Get on your hands and knees and crawl quickly to the exit.

• Get out fast. And stay out! Go to the meeting place. Do not go back in for any reason. Call the Fire Department from a neighbor’s house.