The City of Lake Alfred takes pride in helping the public remain safe.

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Emergency Preparedness

A disaster supplies kit is simply a collection of basic items your household may need in the event of an emergency.

Try to assemble your kit well in advance of an emergency. You may have to evacuate at a moment’s notice and take essentials with you. You will probably not have time to search for the supplies you need or shop for them.

You may need to survive on your own after an emergency. This means having your own food, water, prescription medications, and other supplies in sufficient quantity to last for at least 72 hours. Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster but they cannot reach everyone immediately. You could get help in hours or it might take days.

Additionally, basic services such as electricity, gas, water, sewage treatment and telephones may be cut off for days or even a week, or longer. Your supplies kit should contain items to help you manage during these outages.

For additional information on needed disaster supplies you can go to the American Red Cross website or click HERE.

Home Escape Plans

If a fire breaks out in your house, it is very important that everyone knows what to do. Sit down with your family and draw a floor plan of your home. While every home is different, there are some things that all home fire escape plans have in common. Your family’s home fire escape plan needs to show:

All the rooms in your home

Two ways out of every room

At least one smoke alarm in or near each sleeping area and on each level of your home

A meeting place outside the home

A path from each room to the meeting place

Call 911 for the fire department.

For further information please feel free to call (863) 291-5202