Water Safety and Drowning Prevention

Pool Safety

• Never allow children to be alone around pools.

• The adult that is watching should do just that; watch them.

• Have a phone in the pool area for emergency calls; do not leave for even a second to answer the phone.

• Do not talk on the phone or even read a book or magazine while watching children around the pool.

• Do not depend on toy flotation devices (like floaties) for lifesaving; because they contain air, they are just like other pool toys.

• Make sure the gate or door that leads to the pool is always locked. Interior fences provide an additional barrier and should have self-closing, self-latching gates.

These tips are for any kind of pool but there are other places that kids drown too.

Never allow your children to play around canals or lakes.

• Never leave your children while bathing them in the tub or sink. Always have everything you need on hand before you start their bath.

• Children can also drown in buckets, the toilet, or even the dog’s water dish.

The best drowning prevention tip is to always know where your children are, especially when around water.