Crime Prevention Tips


Extend the Life of Your Holiday Gifts: Get Them Engraved

Why not set aside some time right after the holidays to get your gifts engraved – not with your name or the name of a loved one: get your valuables engraved with your ID number.

The Next Time You Leave Your Car, Leave it Empty

Criminals love to go window shopping. Don’t give thieves that kind of opportunity. Make sure you leave nothing of value in plain view in your car. Take valuables away with you or put them in the trunk.

Leaving Town?

Make arrangements for a neighbor or friend to pick up your mail and newspapers if you are going to be away – even for one night. Would-be burglars size up a neighborhood and watch for mail boxes that are not emptied. To them it means nobody is home, and that home might be an easy target.

Don’t forget a timer to turn the lights on and off so the house looks occupied. Taking care of the mail and arranging for proper lighting both help keep a burglar in the dark.

Never Leave Your Car Alone

Car thieves wait and watch for people to walk away and then strike. They are not only in your neighborhood, but at convenience stores waiting for you to run in to get a quick cup of coffee. You may think that locking your keys in the car will dissuade these criminals but it doesn’t. They can pick a lock often times faster than you can open it with your key.

Turn On the Lights, a Bright Idea in Crime Fighting

Keep a constant light on outside at night and that small expense of electricity can be an important investment in crime prevention. It is a simple fact that burglars and thieves don’t like bright places. They work in the dark. If one house is brightly lit, and another has no lights, criminals generally head for the dark one.

Accessorize Your Purchases With a Photo!

The next time you buy a new bike, computer, table saw, make a snapshot of that purchase as one of your very first tasks. Ask a family member or friend to take two photos of the purchase, with you standing next to it. Put the first photo in the family album. On the back of the second photo, print the make and model of the purchase plus the serial number. Then put that picture with other important papers – such as family insurance policies.

Never Tell Strangers about Your Home Security System

Don’t give information to anyone asking about your home security. If someone claiming to be a sales person comes to your door or calls your home asking about YOUR home security – politely turn them away. The individual may be a legitimate sales person from a home security firm hoping to make a sale, or that caller could be a would-be burglar hoping to find unprotected houses.

Protect your Garage Door Opener

Always treat your garage door opener the same way you treat the key to your front door: keep it out of sight and away from strangers. A smart thief can use the garage door opener to get into your house.

While you are thinking about garage security: if you do have a door to the house from the garage, make sure it has a sturdy lock. A high-quality dead-bolt is the best kind. It will slow a thief down, and maybe even discourage that thief completely.

The Key to Crime Prevention is often – a Key!

Lock all doors and windows to stop burglars!

Don’t make a burglar’s life easy with your own open door policy.