Reducing False Alarms

The City of Lake Alfred has an alarm ordinance in effect. A false alarm is any alarm activation caused by human error or equipment malfunction, requiring police response, and with no evidence of a crime having been committed. Responding to errant alarms takes precious time away from other emergencies. Listed below are the fee schedules associated with the alarm ordinance.

Alarm permits are a one-time fee of $25.00 per alarm; Please register your alarm system at the office of the City Clerk.  For additional information please call (863)291-5747.

Failure to Register-Obtain Alarm Permit $100.00 each occurrence

Excessive False Alarms

  • Fourth and Fifth $50.00 each occurrence
  • Sixth and Seventh $100.00 each occurrence
  • Eighth and Ninth Occurrence $250.00 each occurrence
  • Tenth and Beyond $500.00 each occurrence
  • Runaway Alarms Discontinuance of law enforcement response at City Manager’s discretion.