Lift Station Maintenance

The city owns and operates 40 wastewater pump stations throughout the city’s service area. These stations collect and pump wastewater through the collection system to the Lake Alfred Wastewater Treatment Plant for ultimate treatment and disposal.

There are two types of wastewater pump stations; can and submersible.

Can stations are smaller and pump to the building stations. The pumps for these stations are located ten to forty feet underground.

Submersible stations house their pumps inside a wet well. These stations are typically small in size and are less noticeable.

All pump stations are checked by a surveillance crew on a rotating basis. Continual preventive maintenance ensures proper operation and early detection of any problems. Because of this program the city has virtually no odor complaint problems.

The city makes every effort to keep all of its pumping stations as inconspicuous as possible. Lawn maintenance crews regularly cut the grass, trim bushes and clean the area in and around the stations.

Lift Station

In case a power failure, all pump stations have the ability to be run from an auxiliary power generator.

Any station that does not have it’s own generator can be powered by one of the city’s portables. These portable generators are trailer mounted and can be moved to where they are needed.Generator

In addition to the wastewater pump stations, the city maintains 1 storm water pump station. This station is used to remove standing water from streets and roadways. They prevent the flooding of low lying residential areas.

Stormwater Lift Station