Citizen Reporting of Hazardous Spills and Illicit Dumping

Unfortunately, there are occasions where there are accidents with hazardous materials, or intentional dumping of toxic wastes. Sometimes the incident may be as simple as someone dumping an unknown (or known) waste product into an inlet. All of these situations must be dealt with swiftly, and as citizens of Lake Alfred, we must get involved to keep our area beautiful and prevent pollution of our waters. If you see something suspicious, or witness such an accident, there are simple steps to take and phone numbers available.

The City of Lake Alfred Fire Department has highly trained Hazmat personnel equipped to suit up, analyze substances, contain and clean up hazardous spills and releases. If you witness such a spill or release, call 911 immediately and give an address and description of what happened. If you see someone pour an unknown substance down an inlet, or if you see or smell an unknown substance in an inlet, call the Fire Department immediately (911) and give the dispatcher a description of the scene and an address. The Fire Department will determine further steps needed for containment and clean up. Never try to get samples of the substance yourself, leave that task to the professionals!

If you see someone pouring a substance into an inlet, and you know what the substance is, such as dirt, debris, concrete, motor oil or paint, call the Code Enforcement Department (291-5748) immediately and give a detailed description of the scene with the closest address to the inlet.

Whether a hazardous spill or an illicit dumping is an accident or intentional, it is the responsibility of all of us to respond swiftly to protect the environment that surrounds our beautiful city, and all we need to do is pick up the phone!