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Water Valve Preventative Maintenance Program

The City of Lake Alfred Water Department is implementing a preventative maintenance program to protect the longevity and operation of the water system valves. This consists of a valve exercise program, which requires closing, then opening, each water valve in the City. The operation of the water valves is extremely important. In an emergency, sections of the water distributions system may need to be isolated without delay. During the water valve turning exercise customers may experience a temporary interruption to their water service, we ask our customers to be patient and our crews will work to minimize this inconvenience.

During this program customers may experience discolored water and sediment for a short period of time. If this occurs it may be necessary to purge internal plumbing. Running several cold taps at full force for a period of 1-2 minutes should remove any discoloration from the water. It may be necessary to repeat the purging process after 30 minutes in some cases.  Running water outside through a garden hose is also an effective way to purge discolored water. Although it may not look clear, the water is not harmful. In some cases, low water pressure and/or low flow volume may be experienced. In this event, remove and clean the screens in the water faucets. The screens may have gathered particles of sediment during the water valve exercising process. If you continue to experience discolored water after 4:00 pm or after crews have been exercising water valves in your neighborhood and running your water faucet for a minute or two does not seem to clear up the water, please contact the Water Department at 863-291-5270.  In the event discolored water causes staining problems, do not place stained cloths into the dryer as drying the clothes will permanently set the stains.  Rust remover is available at most grocery stores and that should remedy the staining.

Valve exercising will take place the second week of every month between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm starting January 13, 2014.

Thanks for your cooperation and patience during this program.

Water distribution is responsible for operation and maintenance of the underground piping network providing drinking water and fire protection to the citizens of Lake Alfred. The division ensures water quality through the administration of the Backflow Prevention Program.

The City of Lake Alfred has enacted an ordinance regarding the protection of the public water system against the occurrences of cross connections, backflow, backsiphonage and backpressure. This ordinance can be found in the City of Lake Alfred’s code of ordinance in Sec. 58-3 and ordinance No. 1245-09 adopted January 5, 2009. For assistance and additional information please contact the Public Works Department at (863)291-5270.