Employee of the 4th Quarter

Capt. Brian Beasley has worked for the City for over 16 years. For several years, he has worked with Lake Alfred Elementary and Karen Siegel Academy on fire education programs at the schools and to coordinate station visits for students. While this may not sound like a lot- it has a tremendous impact that may never be able to be measured.

He has also taken on the responsibility of making sure the station is always stocked with enough supplies, such as the red fire helmets, coloring books, stickers, etc. He fields the seemingly endless calls from vendors and handles them with professionalism.

Public education in the schools seems to be a niche for Brian that he is very good at it, and we are proud to have him at Lake Alfred Fire Department. Receiving certificate, pin, gift certificate from citizen donation, and a day off with pay. Capt. Beasley has the opportunity to be selected for the employee of the year which will be announced at the upcoming employee Christmas Party. Congratulations for a job well done.

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