Employee of the First Quarter 2022 – Patrick King

On Monday, April 18, 2022, at the regularly scheduled Commission Meeting, Police Chief Bodenheimer presented Police Cadet Patrick King with the Employee of the Quarter award.

Police Chief Bodenheimer said Patrick King has been with the Police Department for almost two years. He is a dedicated employee who always has a positive attitude. King has a very calm personality and that has helped him answer calls for service and give the appropriate response for incidents that he receives as a telecommunications operator. During this past year on numerous occasions, he has covered shifts in the communications center due to the shortness in staff, due to other members calling out sick, or having family emergencies. He has helped Stillion with the process of filing records and completing the citations transmittal forms for filing the citations with the  Polk County Clerk of Courts. With his dedication, work ethic, and his maturity in working in communications, King has been sponsored by the Lake Alfred Police Department to go to the Police Academy, the Kenneth C. Thompson Institute. Upon completion of the Academy and State Test, Patrick will become a Law Enforcement Officer with the Lake Alfred Police Department. King is a big asset, not only to our agency but to our city and citizens.  Patrick has been recognized by other City departments and we appreciate everything he has done so far. We look forward to many more years of service with the City of Lake Alfred. Congratulations, Patrick for being chosen as the Employee of the First Quarter of 2022.  He presented him with a plaque, a gift card anonymously donated, and a day off with pay.

EOQ Patrick King EOQ Patrick King EOQ Patrick King EOQ Patrick King


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