Employee of the Quarter – Terry Macomber

Terry Macomber is the employee of the quarter.  It was difficult to choose the employee of the quarter because the City had so many employees from different departments that stepped up during Hurricane Irma and did a great job for our citizens.  Terry works in the Public Works Department and is the superintendent of utilities.  Because of his hard work and dedication to the City we did not have a water loss during the storm, the sewer system was kept up and running without any major spills, and that was a twenty four hour job.  We are lucky to have employees that are willing to put the City ahead of their personal hardships. Terry was out of power at his home for six days, but he was here those six days.  It is a pleasure to present Terry with employee of the quarter he will receive a plaque, a pin, a day off with pay and a fifty dollar gift certificate from a citizen donation.


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