Fire Hydrants

is there anything I should be doing to help with fire hydrant maintenance?

The Florida Fire Code requires a 7’6” clearance in front of and to the sides of a fire hydrant and a 4’ clearance to the rear of a fire hydrant. If you do not have the proper clearance, you should cut back any plants over-growing the fire hydrant or remove any post, fence, storage or trash that would obstruct or prevent the immediate use of the fire hydrant.

Will fire hydrant maintenance discolor my water?

Water is flowing during fire hydrant maintenance so the possibility of water discoloration is slight but possible.

If I see a fire hydrant leaking or without caps on it, who should I report it to?

You need to contact Public Works at 298-5458. They are responsible for fire hydrant maintenance.

Who do I call if someone is parked in front of a fire hydrant?

You need to contact the Police Department at 291-5200. Parking in front of a fire hydrant is a violation of FSS 316.1945.

If the curb by a fire hydrant is not painted yellow, can I park in front of the fire hydrant?

No. Automobiles must park a minimum of 15 feet from a fire hydrant, regardless of curb color.

Can I plant shrubbery around a fire hydrant so that it is not so visible?

No. Only ground cover is allowed to grow near a fire hydrant. All other plants and obstructions must be at least 7’6” from the front and sides of a fire hydrant and at least 4’ from the rear of a fire hydrant. All fire hydrants must have direct visibility and accessibility from the street.