What is my zoning and how does it affect my business?

Zoning is the means by which local governments regulate the type of uses that are conducted on land within its jurisdiction. For example, businesses are not allowed to operate on property zoned for residential uses. Similar, certain types of business may only be permitted on properties zoned specifically for those purposes. The City of Lake Alfred has several commercial and industrial zoning districts which are quite specific as to the type and intensity of businesses allowed.

To find out the zoning classification of your prospective location, call or visit the Building and Zoning Department in our Community Development Department in City Hall. The Building Official or Permit Technician can inform you of applicable restrictions on the uses, if any. It’s important to ensure the location you’ve selected for your business is properly zoned for the use. To avoid unnecessary hassles and expenses, contact the Community Development Department at (863) 291-5748 before committing to a location.


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