Five Years of Service – AJ Hunter

On Monday, April 18, 2022, at the regularly scheduled Commission Meeting, Parks & Recreation Director Richard Weed presented Service Worker II AJ Hunter with his Five Years of Service recognition award.

Alja Hunter Jr or as everyone knows him as “AJ” came to work for the City as a part-time employee for the streets department in April 2017. As a part-time employee, his work ethic was quickly noticed and when the opportunity arose in July 2017 he was hired on as a full-time employee in the Parks and Recreation Department.  AJ has now been with the City for 5 years, he continues to do good work and will always find a way to go above and beyond. AJ rarely takes a sick day and quietly gets the job done no matter how big or small the job and is willing to learn. He has become more skilled in tasks like irrigation, repairing toilets, trimming trees, and turfgrass management, and has shown an interest in learning as much as he can. For this I am proud to say AJ works for the Parks and Recreation Dept. and has been a great addition to the City, I look forward to working with AJ for another 5 years!

Five Years of Service - AJ Hunter Five Years of Service - AJ Hunter Five Years of Service - AJ Hunter


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