LT. Dempsey – 30 Years

Chief Bodenheimer explained that this award is not earned by many in the Law Enforcement profession for many reasons. It is with great pleasure that I am able to present this award to Lt. Gerald Dempsey tonight.

Lt. Dempsey served 3 years of active duty in the U.S. Army as a tank crewman stationed overseas in the Army’s 1st Armored division in Southern Germany. He also served 6 years in Army Reserves and 7 years with the United States Coast Guard as a Maritime Enforcement Officer and a Board Team Member on the east coast of Florida.

Lt. Dempsey started his law enforcement career with the Haines City Police Department September of 1985.  Lt. Dempsey worked for Haines City Police Department for just over 2 ½ years before beginning his employment with the Lake Alfred Police Department on March 9th, 1988. Lt. Dempsey was a hard working street officer that many new as “Robo Cop” because his straight forward demeanor and his dedication to enforcing traffic laws in Lake Alfred. After being on the force for a couple of years, Lt. Dempsey became certified as a Field Training Officer and then until today he has had some type of training activity involvement with every officer hired. On April 10th, 2000, Lt. Dempsey was promoted to Patrol Corporal. He continued his hard street work while helping others to become better officers themselves. On June 6th, 2001, he promoted to Patrol Sergeant where his responsibilities included all personnel working the street. During the next almost 9 years Lt. Dempsey worked hard to train others how to work cases, write reports and become better officers because his training. He also switched job assignments during this time and worked as the Detective Sergeant in charge of working advanced cases. On 04/19/2010, Jerry was promoted to the position of Patrol Lieutenant. His duties here again include supervising all road officers, internal investigations and the property and evidence for the department. Lt. Dempsey is a hands on type supervisor that will take the initiative to work whatever is placed in front of him with the exception of a new computer program. He has been a friend to not only the personnel of the city departments but also of many of our citizens and visitors.

Lt. Dempsey would not have had his success through his career if it was not for the support he has received from his wife, Heidi. They have been married for 35 years this coming August. Lt. Dempsey has always been known as an animal lover and at times to the extreme. He has been known to get out of his patrol vehicle to move a frog out of the road to avoid demise after a rain storm. He has taken in many pets that have been abandoned and is always the first to look for safe havens for animals. Lt. Dempsey is also a world traveler and enjoys out of country trips with his wife. He also loves camping and enjoys taking others on trips to show them the beauty of being outside. He does have rules in camping though; Leave Your Cell Phone at home. Lt. Dempsey has been involved every year since inception of Christmas programs in the City of Lake Alfred and is always looking how to improve life for those that are less fortunate or are just down on their luck.

He has been a great friend to many in the City of Lake Alfred and has been a great colleague of mine as a staff member of the Lake Alfred Police Department. Many times we have sat down behind closed doors and had discussions about our families and how we could work to make Lake Alfred a better place for your families. Lt. Dempsey has served this City with pride and has taken the job he has to heart for the best of our citizens and visitors.

It is my honor to say Thank You for your service to our country and for the 30 years of service to the City of Lake Alfred.


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