City Commission

The City of Lake Alfred utilizes the Council/Manager form of local government, which combines strong political leadership of elected officials, in the form of the City Commission, with the strong managerial experience of the City Manager.

The city’s organizational structure is very similar to the corporate model. At the top, there are the citizens who elect the City Commissioners. The City Commission appoints the City Manager, who serves as Chief Executive Officer, and the City Attorney, who serves as the Chief Legal Counsel. The six directors report directly to the City Manager. The City Manager issues administrative policies and procedures and the employee safety manual that provide guidance for the daily operations of the city.

The City Commission is the principal legislative and government body of the city. The citizens elect its governing body, consisting of five Commissioners. The body elects its Mayor and Vice Mayor on an annual basis. The City Commissioners serve a four year term and elections are held in April.

City Commission meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month. All Commission meetings are held at City Hall in the City Commission and begin at 7:30 p.m. You may view the City Commission’s agenda, voting results, and minutes, which are maintained by the City Clerk’s Office. Any person may address the Commission regarding agenda or non-agenda items at the appropriate time during the meeting.

Nancy Z. Daley

 Mayor Nancy Z. Daley

Term Expires:  April 2017 – Seat 3

The “Z”

She’s often asked, “What does the “Z” stand for?”  She was born Nancy Zarza, on June 23, 1953 on Long Island, New York.  The “Z” is in remembrance of her father.  When she was 10 year old he died of lung cancer, leaving a wife and three young children.  Her mom had to get a job in an era when all of her friends had stay-at-home moms.  She delivered newspapers and babysat through junior high, and got her first part-time job at the age of 16 as a sale girl in a department store.

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Charles Lake

Vice Mayor  Charles Lake

Term Expires:  April 2017 – Seat 4

Mr. Charles Lake was born and raised in New York.  Following his retirement in 2000, he moved to Glassboro, New Jersey where he worked for Home Depot and Michael’s Art & Crafts.  In 2004, after a visit with some family member in the area, Mr. Lake decided to make the City of Lake Alfred his permanent home.

Mr. Lake retired after 50 years of service in the magazine publishing business.  He held several positions, such as Assistant Art Director, Director of Production Operations, Production Director for Women’s Magazine, three other monthly publications and eighteen Special Interest Magazines.  During his career he served on several committees, gave numerous educational presentations, and was recipient of several awards.  Some of these awards were the Fellowship Award from the New York Club of Printing House Craftsman, Gold Key Award from the New York Technical College International Graphic Arts Society, Production Executive Hall of Fame Award, and the James E. West Award by the Boy Scouts.

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Jack Dearmin


Commissioner Jack Dearmin

Term Expires: April 2018 – Seat 5

Mr. Jack Dearmin was born in Denver, Colorado.  He has traveled the United States and Germany in the 1960’s and 1970’s due to his father serving in the military for 24 years.

Mr. Dearmin and his wife have been residents of the City of Lake Alfred since 1986.  He has served on the City’s Parks and Recreation Board from January 2002 until he was elected to the City Commission in April 2007.  He also served as Vice President of the Lake Alfred Chamber of Commerce.

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John Duncan


Commissioner John Duncan

Term Expires:  April 2015 – Seat 2

Mr. John Duncan has been a resident of the City of Lake Alfred since 2003.  He has served on the City’s Board of Adjustments from December 2009 until he was elected to the City Commission in April 2011.  He also served on the Charter Review Committee in 2010.

Mr. Duncan is very involved with his community.  He serves on several boards, such as a Float Chairperson for the Lake Alfred Friends of the Library, member of the Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Lake Alfred Merchant Association, and President of the First Presbyterian Church’s Men’s Group.  He also serves as a volunteer with the Lake Alfred Little League Baseball, Boy Scouts, and Polk County School Board.

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Albertus Maultsby


Commissioner Albertus Maultsby

Term Expires:  April 2015 – Seat 1

Mr. Albertus Maultsby was born and raised in Lake Alfred. His parents arrived in Florida right after the turn of the century so his pioneer roots within our community run deep. Albertus has had a rich employment history. At the tender age of eighteen he worked in the Citrus Industry and then went on to serve four years in the Army. He was a trained medic stationed at the 33rd field hospital in France. Upon his return from abroad, Mr. Maultsby worked for the Swift Company in Winter Haven and then went on to become a messenger/maintenance employee of the United States Postal Service where he served in Lake Alfred for 29 years. He currently owns and operates a local business, Maultsby Rentals.

Mr. Maultsby has always had a love for his community. His service has been noted on the Board of Adjustments, Polk County Code Enforcement Board, Polk County School Board Desegregation Committee and over ten years on the City of Lake Alfred City Commission. His City Commission tenure began in 1992 with four successful campaigns and only one defeat. Commissioner Maultsby’s seat number is one and his term expires in April of 2015.

Mr. Maultsby’s motto is “always spend less than you earn.”



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