Polk Regional Water Cooperative

The City of Lake Alfred has been heavily involved with the formation of the Polk Regional Water Cooperative.   The Commission and Staff advocated for the City during the Formation Committee meetings.  Pictured is Mayor Lake and City Manager Leavengood during the signing of the Draft Cooperative Formation Agreement by the cities and Polk County Board of County Commissioners.

Mayor Lake stated ” This is a step in the direction of facing future water problems and working together with neighboring cities. It was long time in the making and now we can move forward to the next steps.”  The City Commission officially approved the agreement at the March 7, 2016 City Commission Meeting.

The Cooperative’s role is to pro-actively identify alternative water resources and projects that ensure the future sustainability of our regional water supply. It will specifically identify sustainable groundwater sources, develop strategies that meet water demands, determine needed infrastructure and establish consistent rules.

Water Coop

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