Proposed Impact Fee Changes

Notice is hereby given that the City of Lake Alfred City Commission will consider the following Ordinances on second/final reading and hold a public hearing on Monday, November 19, 2018, at 7:30 pm in the Lake Alfred City Commission Chambers at 120 East Pomelo Street, Lake Alfred, FL:

  • ORDINANCE 1404-18
  • ORDINANCE 1405-18
  • ORDINANCE 1406-18

Adopting the 2018 Impact Fee Study relating to the prepayment of impact fees; police, fire, parks and recreation, and public facilities impact fees; and the capital recovery charges for connection to the City’s water and sanitary sewer/wastewater systems.  The proposed changes for a residential unit are shown below.  Non-residential rates will change from a flat rate to a per sq ft rate similar to the existing method for water and sanitary sewer.  The Study and more details can be found in the November 5, 2018, City Commission Agenda packet.

Residential Unit


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