Ryan Leavengood – 10 Years of Service

On Monday, March 7, 2022, at the regularly scheduled Commission Meeting, Mayor Nancy Daley presented City Manager Ryan Leavengood with his Ten Years of Service Recognition award.

Mayor Daley shared how ten years ago she and the then-interim City Manager, no Police Chief, William Bodenheimer had the daunting task of interviewing potential city managers. She stated,  “City Managers don’t stay very long maybe because the responsibility and stress cause burn out early, sometimes they are what I call “skippers” they max out at two years and leave before they have any accountability for their actions. It is very seldom to find someone committed to the long haul and is committed to the City as much as you are. I admit that at the time, Ryan was not my first choice.  He was a little too inexperienced for me and I was not quite convinced he could handle the job. We narrowed it down to three potential candidates and Ryan eventually was selected for the position. Now I get to admit I was wrong to doubt him. He has been the best thing that has happened to this City in my 20 years of service on the City Commission.   From master plans, winning the hearts of our residents, and maintaining a team of directors and staff that is second to none.  Congratulations on ten years of excellence and maintaining the reputation of the City as one of the best in the State of Florida.  We appreciate you and remember, the words “retirement” and “resignation” are not in our vocabulary.  Thank you for everything you do.”

Ryan Leavengood ten years of service Ryan Leavengood ten years of service Ryan Leavengood ten years of service







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