Document Archives

The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for maintaining official records, contracts and agreements, and original documents of City.  Many of the official records are complied into “books” such as the Code of Ordinances or Unified Land Development Code.  Official records may also be adopted as ordinances, resolutions, or proclamations.  Please contact the City Clerk for the most recent documents.

Code of Ordinances

The Code of Ordinances is a compilation of laws adopted by City Commission including the City Charter.  The City maintains these records, and also contracts with Municode to provide a publicly accessible searchable platform for policy related ordinances.   The complete Code of Ordinance can be viewed online at: Lake Alfred Code of Ordinances.   In addition, the most recent approved ordinances are listed on their website.

Unified Land Development Code

Ordinances associated Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) can be found on the ULDC page.


Rules of Procedure Resolution