Lion’s Park and Boat Ramp

The Lake Alfred Lion’s Park and Boat Ramp is located at 175 North Nekoma Avenue. Encompassing 18.8 Acres, the park includes:

  •  Freshwater Boat Ramp with 12-15 parking spacesPlayground equipment at lions park
  •  Playground areas for different age groups
  •  Covered and Uncovered Picnic Tables
  •  Picnic Pavilions
  •  Large Barbecue Pit
  •  Restrooms/Changing Areas with Handicap Access
  •  Restroom/Concession stand
  •  Lions Clubhouse with Large Parking Area
  •  Baseball/Softball Fields
  •  Dugouts, Bleachers, and Score Booth
  •  Separate parking with Handicap Access
  •  Restroom
  •  Concession stand

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