Public Works Department

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Public Works Director

John Deaton
Office: City Administration
155 E. Pomelo St.
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Public Works Department


Water distribution is responsible for operation and maintenance of the underground piping network providing drinking water and fire protection to the citizens of Lake Alfred. The division ensures water quality through the administration of the Backflow Prevention Program.

The City of Lake Alfred has enacted an ordinance regarding the protection of the public water system against the occurrences of cross connections, backflow, backsiphonage and backpressure. This ordinance can be found in the City of Lake Alfred’s code of ordinance in Sec. 58-3 and ordinance No. 1245-09 adopted January 5, 2009. For assistance and additional information please contact the Public Works Department at (863)298-5458. 

For arranging service calls, setting up new accounts, closing accounts, modifying existing accounts, and making payments, please contact the Utility Billing Department at (863)291-5270.

Lawn and Landscape Irrigation

Lawn watering is limited to a twice-per-week schedule for potable (drinking water) and other water resources, regardless of the source such as wells, surface water, etc.

  • Watering times are midnight to 10 a.m. or 4 p.m. to midnight.
  • Hand watering or micro-irrigation of landscapes other than actual lawn areas are allowed at any time.
  • Locations without a discernible address are areas such as rights-of-way and other common areas inside a subdivision that are included in the restrictions.

Potable Irrigation Schedule

(Drinking Water and all other sources)

If Your Address is       Watering Days

Even Address              Thursday and or Sunday

Odd Address               Wednesday and or Saturday

*Common Areas         Tuesday and or Friday

*All common areas and properties where no address can be determined


energy starThe City of Lake Alfred has taken the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) ENERGY STAR Challenge. In a positive step toward improving energy efficiency and fighting global warming, the City has been honored as one the first wastewater plant ENERGY STAR award recipients within the United States and the first ever recorded wastewater plant recipient in the State of Florida.

The Energy Star Challenge calls for an energy efficiency improvement of 10% or more. The City of Lake Alfred is proud to join the EPA’s list of ENERGY STAR leaders. Through this achievement, we have and will continue to demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship while lowering our energy costs.

Wastewater Collection is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the underground gravity collection system and the force main piping systems that receive and transmit wastewater discharged from homes and businesses to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Programs include preventive maintenance, chemical applications, root control, cleaning, and closed circuit television inspections of gravity sewer mains. The utility locating crew provides support for utility locations reducing the potential for service interruptions resulting from construction activities.


(a) In accordance with and pursuant to F.S. § 403.0893 et seq., the city commission hereby establishes stormwater management systems charges to be set aside, as a continuing source of revenue in order to plan, construct, operate and maintain stormwater management systems and programs pursuant to said statute.

(b) The fee shall be assessed to each utility/sanitation customer (either water, sewer or refuse collection) inside the city limits for the planning, constructing, operating and maintaining of Stormwater management systems in the following amounts:

Nutrients from septic tanks, fertilizers and animal wastes cause excessive growth of algae and aquatic weeds. Many of our boaters are dismayed at finding these weeds tangled in their propellers! Sewage, litter and garbage reduce oxygen levels in the water, killing aquatic life. Sediments from soil erosion clog fish gills suffocating them. Pesticides and heavy metals contaminate water body sediments and kill aquatic life.

Reporting of Illicit Discharges

If you see someone pouring a substance into an inlet, and you know what the substance is, such as dirt, debris, concrete, motor oil or paint, call the Code Enforcement Department (291-5748) immediately and give a detailed description of the scene with the closest address to the inlet.



Street Maintenance is responsible for making sure our streets are safe for public use. Sidewalk maintenance, pothole patching, brick maintenance, alley-way maintenance, maintenance of the medians, all right-of-way mowing, replace/repair street signs, and small paving projects, are some of the many functions this team provides for our citizens. In addition, our Street Maintenance Team serves as support for special events and lends a hand to help Traffic Operations where and when needed.

Please contact: (863) 298-5458 to report a concern.