Wastewater Treatment and Collection

energy starThe City of Lake Alfred has taken the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) ENERGY STAR Challenge. In a positive step toward improving energy efficiency and fighting global warming, the City has been honored as one the first wastewater plant ENERGY STAR award recipients within the United States and the first ever recorded wastewater plant recipient in the State of Florida.

The Energy Star Challenge calls for an energy efficiency improvement of 10% or more. The City of Lake Alfred is proud to join the EPA’s list of ENERGY STAR leaders. Through this achievement, we have and will continue to demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship while lowering our energy costs.

Wastewater Collection is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the underground gravity collection system and the force main piping systems that receive and transmit wastewater discharged from homes and businesses to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Programs include preventive maintenance, chemical applications, root control, cleaning, and closed circuit television inspections of gravity sewer mains. The utility locating crew provides support for utility locations reducing the potential for service interruptions resulting from construction activities.

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