Water Distribution

The City of Lake Alfred’s Water Treatment is a 1 Million Gallon per Day (MGD) USBF treatment facility.Lake Alfred Water Tower

Water is pumped from underground wells, through transmission lines to the water treatment plant. Water is pumped from 4 wells located throughout the city.

The first step of the treatment process is called aeration. Aerators provide pre-treatment of raw water. The aerators remove methane gas, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide while adding oxygen to promote the conversion of dissolved compounds into removable particles. After this process liquid chlorine and fluoride is added to provide Lake Alfred customers with quality drinking water.

Water distribution is responsible for operation and maintenance of the underground piping network providing drinking water and fire protection to the citizens of Lake Alfred. The division ensures water quality through the administration of the Backflow Prevention Program.

The City of Lake Alfred has enacted an ordinance regarding the protection of the public water system against the occurrences of cross connections, backflow, backsiphonage and backpressure. This ordinance can be found in the City of Lake Alfred’s code of ordinance in Sec. 58-3 and ordinance No. 1245-09 adopted January 5, 2009. For assistance and additional information please contact the Public Works Department at (863)298-5458. 

For arranging service calls, setting up new accounts, closing accounts, modifying existing accounts, and making payments, please contact the Utility Billing Department at (863)291-5270.

Water Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance of electrical and mechanical components of the City’s Water Treatment Plant, raw water wells, and pumping and storage facilities. Activities include repairs, scheduled preventive maintenance, grounds maintenance, monitoring critical equipment and cross-training technical staff in all areas of water production and storage.