Cemetery Information

Cemetery Code (PDF)

For assistance, please call 863-298-5458.


  • Lake Lowery Cemetery: North of the intersection of the Haines City/Lake Alfred Road and before the crossing of the Main Line Railroad
  • Oak Grove Cemetery: Intersection of U.S. Highway 17/92 and Experiment Station Road


Cemetery Spaces at Oak Grove and Lake Lowery

  • Full burial plots (5 feet by 10 feet): $600
  • Infant burial plots (3 feet by 6 feet): $325
  • Cremains (2 feet by 2 feet): $325

Inurnment (Placement of Urns)

1. All inurnments $125

There shall be no inurnment of cremains during a weekend and/or recognized holiday. The City shall perform the opening and closing for inurnment Monday through Friday from 8 am until 4 pm by appointment only.


Foundation are required for all monuments and markers of every description. The foundation for all monuments and markers shall be built by the city and will be charged in accordance with the following fee schedule:

  • Single monuments: $75
  • Double monuments: $150

Markers Sizes & Dimensions

  • Family memorial
    • Width: Not less than 13 inches and not more than 24 inches
    • Length: Not less than 42 inches and not more than 60 inches
  • Individual markers
    • Width: Not less than 12 inches and not more than 18 inches
    • Length: 24 inches