Water and Sewer Rates

The goal of the Utilities Division is to provide customers with the highest possible quality of water and wastewater service while maintaining a competitive rate structure. Should you have any questions regarding the bill, please contact the Finance Department at (863) 291-5270.

Water and Sewer Rates (PDF)

Inflation Rates Comparison (PDF)

Ordinance 1506-22 (PDF)

Water and Sewer Presentation (PDF)

Water Conservation

Homeowners can use these simple tips to save water both inside and outside their homes.

Make sure your rain sensor device is working properly to prevent your irrigation system from running in the rain. 

Set an irrigation timer to run only two or three days per week pursuant to your local irrigation ordinance and no irrigation between 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Learn more about Lawn Watering Restrictions. 

Install a “smart” irrigation controller that uses weather data or soil moisture information to decide when and how much irrigation is needed for your yard.

Fix leaks. Finding and fixing water leaks conserves water, saves money, and protects your home from damage.

Landscape the Florida-Friendly Way by planting low-maintenance plants using environmentally sustainable practices.

Water Conservation Flyer (PDF)

5,000 Gallon Rates