Utility Billing

Utility Billing is responsible for customer care, billing, arranging service calls, setting up new accounts, closing accounts, and collecting payments.

  • New services are processed (turned on) between 8 and 10 am daily, and someone must be at the location to access the building.
  • Bills are mailed on the 10th, and due by the 30th.
  • To avoid a $10 late fee, please make sure the account is paid by 4:30 pm on the 30th of every month.
  • If the past due amount is not paid by the 15th of the following month, a non-payment fee is applied to the account, and services may be disconnected.

Pay My Utility Bill

Visit the City's online payment center. Convenience fees apply.

New Service

  • To open a new account, you will need:
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Proof of Residence
    • Closing statement
    • Warranty deed
    • Lease signed by the property owner
  • Deposit - Please call to verify the deposit amount by calling 863-291-5270.